Sofa Deep Cleaning

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Sofa Deep Cleaning Service

Sofa Deep Cleaning Services By Eurow

  • We ensure performing dry vacuuming from all corner regions of your sofa.
  • Our sofa deep cleaning experts perform spot treatment with chemicals for the areas that are ruined due to spots.
  • We offer complete scrubbing and shampooing of your sofa with a foam sponge and soft brush that efficiently cleans the furniture.
Benefits of Sofa Deep Cleaning Package

We have an in-house trained cleaning services staff that ensures a premium service experience to the customers at the comfort of their home.

  • The professional sofa deep cleaning services provides stain removal and restores the shine of your furniture.
  • Get rid of invisible but harmful dust particles.
  • Complete elimination of virus and bacteria.
  • Odor removal to provide your sofa with a refreshing look.
  • Safe to use cleaning agents help in maintaining the longevity of your furniture.
  • Complete sofa deep cleaning within few hours, so be assured of timely services.
  • Affordable rates for sofa cleaning.
Material and Equipment Used

We are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment that effectively clean your sofa sets without affecting their quality.

  • Our cleaning experts carry wet and dry vacuum cleaners.
  • We are equipped with a bucket, mug, soft brush, sponge and duster.
  • The cleaning services professionals use chemicals that are safe to use and do not hamper the quality and shine of your sofa.
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