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House Cleaning Services We Offer

Looking for bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning or just a deep cleaning for your home? We are here to restore the look of your precious living space within 6-8 hours of deep house cleaning and ensure every corner of your home looks sparkling new!

  • Deep cleaning of all the rooms in your home, including bathroom, balcony region and kitchen cleaning.
  • Our trained staff has expertise in ceiling dusting with an M/F duster.
  • Get your fans and air conditioner (Outer area) dusted and deep cleaned.
  • Proper channel and window cleaning.
  • Wall dusting with M/F duster.
  • We specialize in carpet, curtain, mattress and sofa cleaning, along with vacuuming
  • Glass cleaning services to prolong the life of your glass doors and windows.
  • Floor scrubbing to restore the look and maintain the quality.
  • Removal of stubborn oil stains and layers from the kitchen floor and wall with premium quality cleaner.
  • Cleaning of wooden doors, furniture etc.
  • Bathroom cleaning services include proper removal of water stains, pan stains and floor stains.
Benefits of House Cleaning Services by Us
  • Getting a deep cleaning of your home ensures complete free freedom from bacteria and viruses.
  • House cleaning ensures the maintenance of your home and prolongs its life.
  • You get to enjoy a shiny, well-sanitized living space which is great for uplifting your mood.
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning chemicals that do not pose any harm to your health or the environment.
  • Commercial cleaning services experts have their own set of tools and equipment
  • Our staff goes through specialize training modules which ensures a guaranteed satisfactory experience.
  • We perform cleaning services within the given time period.
Materials and Equipment Used By Our Team
  • We use special cleaning chemicals that restore the quality of the floor, walls, tiles, etc.
  • Our cleaning services experts use a single disc floor scrubber and handheld scrubber, making it possible to remove all the stains.
  • We are equipped with professional vacuum cleaners.
  • Microfiber cloths are used for dusting that cleans all the dust without hampering the quality of your furniture and other stuff.
  • Our members reach your doorstep with essential tools such as a ladder, bucket, wiper, mugs, etc.
  • We have our own professional mops, scotch Brite foam and scrubber.
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