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Why are different kinds of pests increasing rapidly now?

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The pest is classified as an insect that can be harmful to humans for example, the pest can destroy crops, livestock, or forests, and invade homes, food, and workplaces. Apart from this, these pests can spread disease in our society very fast. Many pests can consume our blood also.

Many types of pests are available nowadays like rodents, termites, cockroaches, wood borers, ants, etc. We are discussing a little about these pests.

1.Rodents : Mice and rats are one of the most unpleasant infections. No one likes to keep rodents around them, especially because their numbers can increase very quickly, they cause a lot of damage to the quality and they transmit disease to humans.

2.Insects : Now many harmful insects are available around us which are very harmful to us. Many insects like mosquitoes spread many viral diseases in a very short period. Similarly, many skin infections is occurred due to being bitten by many harmful insects. 

3.Bed Bugs: Bedbugs are small, nimble, and parasitic creatures that all belong to the insect family Cimicidae. They live strictly by feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals (such as other mammals and birds). These bed bugs are the main cause of sleep disturbance. Not only beg bugs disturb sleep but also consume blood from our bodies. It is seen that many infections occurred after the consumption of blood.

4.Flies: True flies are insects, scientifically known as Dipteral, which means two-winged species. This large group consists of about 120,000 species worldwide but it is believed to have an equal number of undescribed species. It is a major insect order in terms of both ecological and human (medical and economic) importance. These are transferred viruses very fast from one place to another place. These flies can destroy the food also. Apart from this, they can disturb us always by breaking our concentration. These are one of the mediums of a disease carrier.  

5.Wood lovers : The name wood lovers imply that the insects which love wood are known as wood lovers. In practice, the term is not at all indicative as it refers to every crawling animal on Earth as an insect. Worldwide thousands of species can generally be classified as wood borers. Many species, for example, solitary bees like carpet bees, dig holes in dead sticks to build their nests, and the effect is often negligible. These insects can destroy our valuable wooden furniture.

6. Cockroach : These also belong to the insect family. Due to their very flexible body cockroach can move in a very minute narrow space. So they can move everywhere in our home. Apart from this, cockroaches destroy our food and they can toilet on our food. These are also the main reason to make food poison. Mainly children are suffering from various viral fevers because of cockroaches only. 

Why the growth of pests is rapid now?

In general, all important life cycle stages of pests, bacteria, and weeds (survival, reproduction, and dispersal) are strongly influenced by temperature, relative humidity, light quality or quantity, wind, or a combination of these factors. Physiological processes in most insect species are highly sensitive to temperature. For example, plant pathogens and their insect vectors may be particularly favored by high temperatures as long as their upper-temperature limits are not reached. In a three-year field trial in maize under tropical climatic conditions. Showed that the abundance of maize strike disease (caused by maize strike virus) and its vector, the leafhopper, was closely related to temperature, both increasing rapidly from 24°C, but temperatures of 30°C and above resulted in leaf and can be harmful to associate bacterial infections. It can be expected, therefore, that global warming will promote many insect vectors and the viruses they transmit at least within a certain temperature range. Now many pest control service providers in Howrah and Kolkata provide pest control service in many locations such as JadavpurLake townTollygungeGariaSonarpurManiktalaTaratalaBehalaNewAlipore, and many more. So, it is very easy to find a pest control service near you if you search for a pest control service near me in Google search. 

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