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10 Things to Do To Get Rid of Garden Pest Safely

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Maintaining a beautiful garden requires more than just a green thumb for the safety of both society and human beings. Lots of work to do with protecting your plants from weak invaders. If you are in Kolkata, where pest control is very important for gardening because of the formation of more pests rather than another part. Here, we discuss about 10 safe and effective steps to keep those unwanted visitors safe.

  • Identify the culprits: Before taking any action, you should identify the pests and understand the origin of specific pests in your garden. This will help you develop a pest control strategy to overcome the specific threats that are prevalent in Kolkata’s climate. There are too many pest control service providers available in Kolkata who can identify the pests quickly.
  • Natural predator: Introduce natural predators to your garden, such as ladybugs, spiders, or predatory insects. They can help keep pest populations under control without chemical intervention. Always, we should prefer to use herbal products for removal the of pests.
  • Neem oil: Neem oil is a natural insecticide that is very effective against a variety of pests. Mix it with water and spray it on your trees to repel pests without harming your garden or the environment. It protects the garden from pests with no side effects.
  • Companion planting: Choose companion plants that naturally repel insects. Marigolds, basil, and mints are examples of natural deterrents to insects that are used for the removal of pests from the garden without killing them.
  • Food grade: Sprinkle a food-grade variety thing natural powder around your garden. This natural powder is harmless to humans and pets but deadly to insects with exoskeletons and effectively repels pests.
  • Garlic spray: Make a garlic spray by mixing garlic cloves with water and spraying them on your plants. A strong odder deters pests while not endangering the health of your garden.
  • Essential oils: Incorporate essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, or tea tree oil into your pest control. These oils can interfere with the senses of insects and keep them away from your valuable plants.
  • Homemade traps: Make simple nets using ingredients like apple cider vinegar or beer. Traps are used to attract and trap pests, organically reducing their numbers. 
  • Regular pruning: Prune your plants regularly to remove damaged or infected parts. This not only helps in pest control but also takes care of the health of plants.
  • Professional pest control services:¬†When all else fails or if the infestation is severe, search for professional¬†pest control services in South Kolkata. They can assess the situation and implement safe and effective measures to protect your garden.

In Kolkata, where the climate can be conducive to various pests, a proactive and holistic approach to pest control is essential. By taking these steps, you can ensure a vibrant and thriving garden without compromising safety or using harmful chemicals. We and our society should use herbal products to remove the pests from our houses as well as gardens.

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